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We work for victory: a summary of the powerful work of the HopeUA Charitable Foundation

The Hope UA charity fund has been working in Ukraine since the first weeks of the war. The founders decided to create an effective system of assistance for everyone who needs help and immediately began implementation.

During this time, our team has attracted more than 270 million hryvnias in monetary assistance. More than 5,000 tons of humanitarian aid have already reached the recipients. More than 3,000 requests from those who need help have already been processed. 25 foreign partners are already actively cooperating with us. Charitable events and promotions were held in Ukraine and Europe. 1,600 HopeBoxes food kits have already been sent. 1200 wishes fulfilled on St. Nicholas Day

We started working as a logistics operator of humanitarian aid on the line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from embassies and our international partners. It worked like word of mouth. Help came from everyone: embassies, Ukrainian and foreign businesses, friends. Our logistics hub has been operating 24/7 and continues to operate. According to the results, more than 5,000 tons of humanitarian aid passed through us, - comments co-founder of the fund Oksana Kruchynina.

Thanks to the constant transfer of humanitarian and military aid to the East by hundreds of trucks, the foundation showed its intentions not only in words, but also in deeds. It was decided to organize trips to Europe with presentations of the fund's projects, such as: social housing "Sich", humanitarian projects, in particular HopeBoxes.

The purpose of the trips was to attract foreign partners to further cooperation. They visited Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In particular, our team took part in the presentation of social housing at the GlobSec security conference.

Thanks to involved partners such as Help Ukraine Centr, Gepard Express, World Central Kitchen, YOUkraine, Slava Ukraini Fund, Women's Movement "For the Future", KoridorUA, Post Bellum, Ya - Volnovakha, Roma Women's Fund "Chirikli", KMBA, Happiness - Eastern The European Community, Fundacja centrum Polsko-Ukrainskie, associations of Ukrainians in Poland, the Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow, the ambassadors of Ukraine in Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic, and the NGO "For Luhansk Region", together with our Hope UA team, were able to help tens of thousands of Ukrainian families.

Humanitarian aid was sent: 1,000,000 units of medicine, 700,000 units of food, 200,000 units of hygiene products and 1,600 HopeBoxes.

The Hope UA charity foundation created HopeBoxes kits, which effectively provide affected families with food and hygiene for a long period of time. They were sent to the front-line territories of Kharkiv Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk Oblast.

At the beginning of the war, time was very illusory and we could send aid to one region, and then it could become occupied. We had to send aid for a longer period of time, so we decided to form a box for a month. This is the most optimal time, - comments the head of the coordination center Anna Tkachyk.

We sent military aid at the request of our defenders. In total, the fund provided: 3315 bulletproof vests, 6232 gas masks and helmets, 54 thermal imagers, 27 SUVs, 16 drones and 433 walkie-talkies.

The first charity event was a charity concert with an auction on September 13 at Fest Republic. The band WITHOUT LIMITS, Arsen Mirzoyan, Tayana and Oleksiy Dibrova performed at the concert. A new collection by Ukrainian designer Olena Onufriv was also shown.

With the proceeds, we bought 500 #HopeBoxes. They also bought a military drone capable of producing cotton in the ork trenches and 1 SUV as part of the LOVA program "1,000 cars for the Armed Forces", comments Volodymyr Benyo, co-founder of the Hope UA charity fund.

Funds were collected at a charity auction of works of art. Among the lots were paintings by famous artists. Paintings by Yevhen Petrenko, Olena Onufriv, Igor Illinsky, Mykhailo Korobkov, sculpture by Boris Dovgan, and pendants from jewelry houses SOVA and STDiamond. Bottles that survived the shelling of Goodwine's warehouses and Ruslan Baginsky's unique cap, which exists in only two copies. The Tiger part is painted by artists and much more.

In order to attract funds for the victory of Ukraine, Ukrainian artisans and collectors responded by providing their works. In this way, art became a springboard to support the needs of the army and victims of Russian terror.

The Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen is a community united by creativity, the purpose of which is to support, develop and popularize Ukrainian craftsmen.

Volunteers of the Hope UA charity fund, thanks to the help of assistants, formed and handed over their desired gifts to 1,200 children affected by the war as part of the St. Nicholas Day campaign. These are children of IDPs, children of fallen heroes of Lviv Oblast, orphans and those deprived of parental care, as well as children with special needs. We also visited orphanages relocated from the East to the city of Stryi and the village of Zhuravno. Together with the student chaplaincy of the UGCC, they presented a holiday to sick children from the Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital "Okhmatdyt". A performance on the topic "Who is St. Nicholas" was organized for children. They also congratulated the elderly in the hospice in the village of Zhuravno.

Social projects and social assistance became a huge layer of work. Take the example of food for IDPs, where together with the NGO "Union of IDPs of Ukraine" we prepared and handed out 3,200 hot meals. Organization of children's camps for children of IDPs and fallen heroes, as well as assistance with medicines. Social programs of enlightenment of Ukrainian culture. BF Hope UA together with the Lviv District Council and the Alliance for Peace and Unity organized a Christmas trip to Europe for 39 children. Thus, this trip became a kind of return to the ordinary childhood of schoolchildren. Without military events, blackouts and air alarms..

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, we organized the "Christmas Together" holiday for internally displaced persons in order to create an atmosphere of family comfort and support every Ukrainian. To remind about our customs of celebrating Christmas holidays, to promote the revival of national culture, to cultivate respect for folk traditions.

Our partners: Department of Communications and Internal Policy of Lviv Regional Government, Lviv Fairs and NGO "Union of IDPs of Ukraine". A special thanks to the Savor restaurant for the Christmas packages, which contained a portion of traditional dishes: kutia, borscht, dumplings and dumplings. We also thank: ShoCo, Torteria, Stepankiv Cakes, Beskweet Bakery, Pechemo UA, Arsenalska Kavarnia, and the Hungry Mykola restaurant.

Of course, we would like each of those present to be able to return to peaceful cities and their own homes and celebrate Christmas there in the family circle. We believe and know that next Christmas we will meet in a peaceful and free Ukraine!

The Hope UA charity fund does not stop there. HopeBoxes, HopeLunch programs will be actively promoted together with the partner restaurant SAVOR, events for IDP children in Western Ukraine.

The program for 2023 is already ready. It will launch soon enough and will be able not only to help people, but also to support them psychologically. The social adaptation program - "Choice" is aimed at retraining and employment of IDPs. The goal of the project is to help IDPs acquire relevant professional skills, which are necessary for the recovery of Ukraine's economy, comments co-founder Roman Hrynkevich.

We thank all those who care and support and help Ukrainians. May we have a fair victory and peace on our land!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Ukraine Armed Forces!

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