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Video report from the Hope.UA charity event on September 13

The charity fund, together with star artists and partners, held a charity evening on September 13, where the band @bezobmezhen, @arsen_mirzoian, @oleksii.dibrova and @tayanna_reshetnyak performed. A new collection by Ukrainian designer Olena Onufriv was also shown.

"We will purchase 500 #HopeBoxes - this is targeted assistance per month for a family of three: for food, housing and hygiene. We are also buying a military drone capable of producing cotton in the ork trenches and an SUV as part of the LOVA program "1,000 machines for the Armed Forces" - comments Volodymyr Benyo, co-founder of the "Hope.UA" charitable foundation.

Funds were collected at a charity auction of works of art. Among the lots were paintings by famous artists. Paintings by Yevhen Petrenko, Olena Onufriv, Igor Illinsky,, sculpture by Boris Dovgan, and pendants from jewelry houses @sovajewels and @stdiamond.lviv. Bottles that survived the shelling of @goodwine warehouses and a unique @rbaginskiy cap, which exists only in two copies. The Tiger part is painted by artists and much more.

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