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Ukraine is an independent and sovereign state

Thousands of patriots spent time in prisons and in exile, tens of thousands were tortured in captivity. Our ancestors saw many things that we are witnessing right now. Who are we? We are Ukrainians! Those who are ready to give their lives for the independence and unity of our country. Wherever we are, we always remain devoted heart and soul to our great and powerful country. Yes, it is powerful. Let's remember how the life of each of us changed on February 24. However, we did not give up, but did quite the opposite, we stood in the lines to the military commissariats, we organized volunteer centers and became united against the world’s biggest mistake, against the enemy neighbor and terrible occupier – moscovia. Yes, that's the only way to call a country that exalts itself over others, that desperately wants to be an empire at the cost of murder, torture and occupation of neighboring territories.

Hope UA Charitable Foundation congratulates Ukrainians on the Day of Unity of Ukraine. Congratulations on a great holiday, a historical event and faith in the bright future of our Holy Ukraine! Be sovereign! Be majestic! Be powerful! And we - your loyal sons and daughters will do everything possible for this purpose!

Let's recall some facts from history:

The Day of the Unity of Ukraine has been celebrated on January 22 since 1919, when the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic was promulgated. It was preceded by the signing of the Fourth Universal of the Central Rada, which declared the Ukrainian People's Republic as a sovereign and independent state. The West Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed in November 1918.

Since the first months of the war, Hope UA charitable foundation, together with the residents of the affected front-line territories, has been working to connect the western and eastern Ukrainian regions. One of the examples of our activities is the recent trip of Hope UA volunteers to the Kherson region, namely to the Novovorontsovka community.

We gave humanitarian aid to the people, and they, in turn, gave what they could from themselves. These are also military trophies (shells, used inactive ammunition elements), which will be used for artistic purposes in the future to collect funds for the purchase of basic necessities, both for the civilian and military population. - commented Anna Tkachyk, head of the coordination center.

All of Ukraine is now uniting and rethinking its values. It shows the common goal of victory and further life of us as people with one language, history and culture. Hope UA charitable foundation will tell the stories of people affected by terror. We will tell about those who survived the occupation, who returned from captivity and experienced the horrors of torture. All these stories are evidence that the civilized world should know about, so that such a thing will never happen again. So that everyone will know what the executioners are doing on the territory of independent and free Ukraine.

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