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Together to victory: the band "Bez Obmezhen" and the fund have given aid to Mykolaiv

Famous stars and benefactors do not bypass our city and provide the necessary assistance. In particular, today, June 14, the famous Ukrainian band "Bez Obmezhen" and representatives of the charity fund visited the front-line city of Mykolaiv.

As the band's frontman Serhiy Tanchynets noted, in addition to the humanitarian mission, the musicians will also visit the military to cheer them up and bring Ukraine closer to victory.

"We came, first of all, to thank our military for the protection of our state, victory. Of course, we prepared a lot of music for them. Music without limits," the singer noted.

He also said that together with the fund, they provided aid to forced migrants from the Kherson region.

"In particular, we hand over hygienic and food boxes, which are formed according to UN standards with the calculation of kilocalories per person. This set is designed for two weeks for four family members. In total, we are handing over 200 food boxes and the same number of hygiene boxes," emphasized Serhiy Tanchynets.

According to Hanna Tkachyk, head of the coordination board of the charity fund, they have been working as a logistics operator for the transfer of humanitarian aid for a long time. However, quite often the organization was faced with the complete irrationality of the use of funds.

"Food and hygiene products were always more expensive abroad than in Ukraine. Logistics services have always increased the amount of goods. We faced the fact that currently in Ukraine there is a need to support the national economy and domestic producers. However, there are still a large number of people who need humanitarian assistance," she emphasized.

The foundation decided to hold a certain promotional campaign: to put exclusively products of Ukrainian manufacturers in food boxes and hygiene kits.

"The bottom line is this: any person abroad can contribute to financial assistance and see the result. Also, it not only helps Ukrainians, but also raises our economy," said Hanna.

It is worth noting that bulletproof vests and helmets were also handed over to the defenders of Mykolaiv.

"I wish everyone patience, victory, faith in the Armed Forces and indomitability of the army. Mykolaiv is a beautiful city, we love it very much! Here we always had extremely cool concerts. We often went here even now, although not in the format of joyful concerts, but with help, Mykolaiv will definitely stand up, as will the whole of Ukraine," summed up the frontman of the band "Bez Obmezheny".

We will remind you that previously people's artists of Ukraine Viktor Pavlyk and Vasyl Ilashchuk arrived in Mykolaiv with a creative and humanitarian mission. Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhii Bessonov also arrived.

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