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Thousands of bulletproof vests and a million medicines: how the HopeUA Foundation helps in the war

Thousands of bulletproof vests and a million medicines: how the HopeUA Foundation helps in the war

How the Hope.UA fund helps in the war / Hope.UA

Hope.UA is a charitable organization that has been actively working since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fund's activities are extensive: from providing humanitarian and tactical requests of the military to the needs of ordinary people affected by the war.

During half a year of work, Hope.UA benefactors were able to hand over thousands of tactical equipment to the front, and hundreds of thousands of food, hygiene products and medicines to civilians. The project of social housing for families of military personnel and forced migrants is actively developing. The foundation has received tens of thousands of requests for HopeBoxes humanitarian kits and is gradually sending aid. More details about the implemented projects of the fund are given later in the material.

The figures speak for themselves: what the charity fund gave in half a year

The Hope.UA Foundation provides tactical equipment to the military, and also takes care of civilians - helps with food, provides psychological and legal support, targeted assistance.

In particular, during half a year of work, the foundation handed over to the military:

3315 bulletproof vests;

3600 helmets

27 sights;

27 thermal imagers;

8 drones;

19 cars;

6 satellite antennas;

2632 gas masks;

433 walkie-talkies.

During this time, civilians affected by the war received from Hope.UA:

630 thousand units of food products;

1 million medicines;

160 thousand units of hygiene products;

23 thousand units of special equipment.

The implementation of the social housing project in the territory of Western Ukraine continues: the foundation has developed the concept and renderings of several options for social housing and is currently looking for foreign donors for construction in Drohobych.

In half a year, the fund held several business events, in particular in Vienna and Krakow, a tour of European cities in search of partners to support Ukraine among businesses and international funds. And now Hope.UA is preparing for a charity auction in September, to which famous performers will be invited. Funds raised will be used to implement the fund's programs.

Also, the Hope.UA charity fund with volunteers organized a children's camp for the children of military personnel who gave their lives protecting the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The children had fun at the camp in the Carpathians for a whole week. learned something new and made friends. It is very important for the foundation to support children, because they are our future.

For 6 months, the legal team provided free consultations to everyone who needed it. The issues of protection of labor rights, conducting business and taxation, restoration of documents, receiving compensations, relocation of production, conscription and other issues were discussed.

Together - to victory: Hope.UA partners

The Charitable Foundation expresses great gratitude for the support of the Embassies and Consulates of Ukraine in other countries, its international and Ukrainian partners.

In particular, the Post bellum public association, the Embassy of Slovakia and the Embassy of the Czech Republic provided a significant part of tactical equipment and essential items. The Embassy of Romania helped in the transfer of tens of tons of baby food, the Embassy of Bulgaria and SOUB "Mother Ukraine" - humanitarian cargo of medical and special purpose. Med Global CMMB also handed over medical cargo for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, arthritis, and infectious diseases.

World Central Kitchen thanks the Hope.UA fund for the provision of hundreds of tons of food products, which were sent to all central and eastern regions of Ukraine, and Gepard Express for the transfer of hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid by train from abroad. Through joint efforts, the operation of the narrow track in the Mostysk region was restored and an evacuation point was established, which helped to evacuate hundreds of injured Ukrainians abroad. And Help Ukraine Center provided dozens of tons of hygiene products and joined the HopeBoxes project - targeted assistance to Ukrainian families.

Hope.UA together with "BEZ OBMEZHEN" provided assistance in the amount of about 138,000 dollars

The first ambassador of Hope.UA among show business representatives was the well-known Ukrainian band "BEZ OBMEZHEN'". Together, the foundation's team and musicians visited Mykolaiv on June 14, where they handed over the first 300 sets of HopeBoxes to residents, as well as more than 50 bulletproof vests and a car to the military.

"BEZ OBMEZHEN" is the first ambassador of Hope.UA

The foundation's team of musicians is now fundraising for HopeBoxes, as the foundation has received more than 35,000 new applications, as well as drones, tactical gear and another vehicle for the military. On August 21, volunteers of the foundation and the band "BEZ OBMEZHEN" visited Zaporizhzhia together, where they handed over #HopeBoxes to civilians and a drone to the military.

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