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The Hope UA Charitable Foundation presented the Sich social housing project

The Hope UA Charitable Foundation presented the Sich social housing project for forcibly displaced people in Europe - low-rise residential complexes with all the necessary infrastructure and workplaces. The foundation's delegation visited Lublin, Bratislava, Vienna, Brno and Prague, where they met with representatives of Ukrainian embassies, local authorities and organizations that provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians.

What is Sich

Sich is a residential complex built on the principle of "live, work, rest" or "city within a city". The name comes from the Cossack Sich - it is a separate eco-system that provides for itself. The complex should have 4-story buildings with 1-3-room apartments, as well as mandatory basic infrastructure - a supermarket, a pharmacy, a children's center or kindergarten, a school, a dispensary, a cafe, a co-working space, beauty salons, a medical center, etc.

In view of the war, a mandatory element of the complex is a bomb shelter, which will also serve as a public space. In addition, it will be possible to build a swimming pool, greenhouses, a hotel, a co-working space, offices - everything that is needed for comfortable living, as well as providing residents with jobs.

According to the head of the Hope UA fund, Roman Hrynkevich, the goal of the Sich project is to move the problem of housing for displaced people and the economic development of the state.

"Sich is not about buildings. It's about people, about providing jobs, about creating new ideas. The goal of the project is to unite people in one eco-system, to implement European values, to give people the opportunity to live in a new way, to give them hope," he says.

The Sich project already covers Lviv, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, and Khmelnytskyi regions. The state allocates plots for construction, the fund adapts the project to them and looks for investors, whose contacts it then passes on to state institutions. A donor has already been found for the construction of a cottage town near Lviv, and a tender is currently being held among contractors. The state will decide who exactly will receive social housing.

How were the presentations in Europe

The delegation of the Hope UA Foundation met with the Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin, Vyacheslav Wojnarovsky, and the head of the Ukrainian branch in Krakow, Andrii Oliinyk, in Bratislava, with permanent partners from the Embassy of Ukraine and with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, in Vienna, with representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine and the Foundation YoUkraine, in Prague - with representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy, and in Brno - with the Deputy Governor of the South Moravian Region, Lukasz Dubec, and the Consul of Ukraine, Anna Proshko, as well as representatives of the local construction business.

"Our goal is the reconstruction of Ukraine by Ukrainians from our materials, which we have in abundance. The construction of such projects will serve as a serious boost for the economy, providing thousands of Ukrainians with jobs, and that is why we are looking for support in Europe and aim to popularize Sich there as much as possible," explains Roman Hrynkevich.

You can join the project by filling out the form on the foundation's website or by contacting the e-mail address:, або телефоном: +380 (67) 326 52 05.

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