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The Heavenly Hundred are the first heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Every year on February 20, Ukraine commemorates the day of memory of the activists who died during the "Revolution of Dignity" in Kyiv, which was the most tragic peaceful protest that turned into a bloody battlefield.

"Heavenly Hundred" is the symbolic name of the participants of the Revolution of Dignitywho died. In the future, the expression "Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred" was extended to all activists who died in December 2013 - February 2014 time line. In honor of their memory, the folk song "Plyve kacha po Tysyni..." was performed. It was starting from them that the struggle for our independence and dignity began.

This key event in the history of Ukraine launched a series of transformations of Ukrainian Identity. As a result, outdated beliefs changed, an outbreak of awareness of belonging to one'sMotherland and the formation of Ukrainian identity began. The Maidan became a catalyst for various spheres of culture, politics, business and representation of Ukraine on the international arena.

The heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and all the activists became a real example to follow, which we can observe even now. It inspires to believe that Ukraine has a reliable rear among its own citizens. We, Ukrainians, constantly have to fight for our own identity. Since time immemorial, we have been trying to win back what, like all other independent states, was given by right. We will never give up our own independence, will and unity.

We thank all the heroes, patriots and soldiers who fight for our land every day. Thanks to them, Ukraine continues to exist as a strong and indomitable state. Thanks to them, we continue to call ourselves Ukrainians!

Slava Ukraini! Glory to the heroes!

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