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Summer camps from Hope

During the summer of 2023, the charitable foundation and its partners successfully organized and conducted 7 camps for children and students. Of these events, 5 took place in the calm and picturesque Carpathians, one was held in Sweden, and another in the village of Bryukhovychi. In total, 218 children from all over Ukraine participated.

Camp "Free and Independent"

Three rounds of the "Free and Independent" Camp were held in Yaremche, with 100 children from different social groups (IDPs, children from the children's homes, children from low-income families, and military children). This camp was organized in cooperation with the Orphan Care Center, which taught children how to deal with crisis situations during the war, understand others, be there for each other, and help each other.

The "Free and Independent" camp was a reboot before the start of the new school year. This exciting experience included mountain climbing, exciting swimming in a mountain river and invaluable positive emotions. The event was organized jointly with the Orphan Care Center, and they played an important role in its success.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Japan and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan H.E. Mr. Sergiy Korsunsky deserve special thanks for their financial support, which helped to make this and other children's camps possible. This support makes it possible to organize valuable activities for children and provides them with unforgettable experiences and skills.

Camp in Tukhla

The 4th camp was held in Tukhla for 36 children of military personnel, which we jointly organized with the Lviv Regional Union of ATO and Families of the Fallen, and was run by the volunteers of the Orphan Care Center. The children had unforgettable days and evenings in a great company.

Camp "De-occupation of Consciousness"

We held the 5th camp for students from different parts of Ukraine, in Slavsk, at the excellent facilities of the Polytechnic. The camp "De-occupation of Consciousness" was held jointly with the Center for Student Chaplaincy, for 25 students.

The joint discussion of the values of each participant helped us understand what is valuable to Ukrainians from different parts of our country, the visualization of the new Ukraine awakened in us the desire to create it as soon as possible, and the hike to Mount Trostyan united them so much that their thirst for the unity of all Ukrainians increased much more!

Camp "Good in Action"

The 6th Camp, "Good in Action" was held in the village of Bryukhovychi for 35 children from Lviv region and IDPs. This camp was organized by the Student Chaplaincy Center, which takes care of youth and children. The children became very close friends, learned to support each other and help each other.

They had an ice cream party, outdoor games, team competitions and other activities. We were able to give the IDP children unforgettable days filled with positive emotions, and they felt that each of them was special and full of hope.

Camp in Sweden

The 7th Camp in Sweden for our 22 children was organized by our partners - Help Ukraine Gothenburg (HUG), for which we are very grateful. The children had a break from their worries and saw that it is possible and necessary to live peacefully, to be persistent and friendly.

There are not enough words to describe the 10 days the children spent in Sweden. It was fantastic and unforgettable! Our incredible partners from Sweden, Help Ukraine Gothenburg, invited 20 children to the camp for rehabilitation.

The children saw the occupation and war, were forced to leave their homes, friends and places dear to their hearts. The war has caused the greatest wounds - it is scary and painful, and children need therapy with a psychologist, peace and new positive emotions.

Frankly speaking, no one has ever met us with such warmth and love as Help Ukraine Gothenburg did! We made Ukrainian dumplings for our friends, and they cooked their national dishes for us, we sang Ukrainian songs, and the Help Ukraine Gothenburg team sang along.


In 2023, Hope's summer camps provided unforgettable experiences and skills to hundreds of children. During this period, we, together with our partners, successfully organized and conducted 7 camps located both in the Ukrainian Carpathians and abroad. A total of 218 children from all over Ukraine were involved.

Each of these camps helped children to find new friends, overcome difficulties, find support and realize their potential. The results of our work are expressed not only in numbers, but also in the smiles that we were able to give to the young participants. Give joy to others too, join our foundation and help with us!

1-3: Orphan Care Center - (

4: NGO "Lviv Regional Union of ATO and Families of the Deceased" - (

5-6: Center for Student Chaplaincy of the Lviv UGCC - (

7: Help Ukraine Gothenburg (HUG) - (

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