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Saint Nicholas 🎅🏼💫 not grandfather frost

Saint Nicholas 🎅🏼💫

This story goes back to the distant 3rd century, when St. lived and did good deeds on our land. Nicholas. 🎅🏼 He was once a little boy like thousands of children today. He devoted his whole life to serving God and all those who needed help, and most of all he helped children. This tradition is preserved until today, when on December 19 St. Nicholas brings gifts under the pillow for the children.

In contrast to the real St. Nicholas, the Russian people created a virtual character of Santa Claus, who has no history and never lived on earth. The main message in its popularization was the displacement of Christianity from Ukrainian lands.

St. Nicholas comes to the children 👧🏼along with angels👼🏼, and Santa Claus, in turn, comes with the same fictional granddaughter Snow Maiden, who is just a fairy-tale character. The red color of Santa's fur coat also shows the symbolism of the Soviet Union, where they tried with all their might to erase Christianity and Ukrainian traditions.

St. Nicholas comes in his episcopal robes, which are still worn by bishops during divine services.

St. Nicholas became an excellent example for emulating acts of mercy, therefore, every year, on December 19, commemorating the memory of St. Nicholas and receiving gifts from the heavenly patron, let's not forget to help and do good for those around us!

🇺🇦Be Ukrainian, believe in St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and remember St. Nicholas is not "Father" Frost!

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