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Report Hope for Kids 2 check-in

The Hope for Kids program is a powerful tool for psychological stabilization and recovery of children who have experienced trauma due to war, post-traumatic stress disorder, violence or other difficult situations. The second round of the program was held to help even more young participants.

The main goal of the program is to stabilize the emotional state and recover from traumatic experiences. Its tasks include diagnosing and normalizing mental functions, stabilizing the psycho-emotional state, restoring impaired mental functions to an optimal level, providing psychotherapeutic assistance, creating favorable conditions for psychosocial adaptation, and much more.

The second check-in of the Hope for Kids program attracted 60 children:

  • 20 children (aged 7-14) who are orphans deprived of parental care, children from the Center for Social Support of Children "My Family" and children with IDP status in Pavlohrad city community;

  • 39 children (aged 10-14 years) who are also orphans deprived of parental care, children of military personnel and fallen soldiers with IDP status in Zhytomyr city territorial community;

  • 1 child with IDP status (Lviv region).

These children were in different life situations, but all of them needed psychological support and recovery from severe traumatic experiences. During the second visit of the Hope for Kids program, a wide range of activities was carried out to provide psychological support and recovery for children. Here are some of the results of the program:

  • Each child attended 5 sessions of art therapy, which helped them express their emotions and experiences through the creative process.

  • 5 sessions on "Children and War" were conducted to facilitate children's reflection on their experiences and help them understand and cope with their internal conflicts.

  • 5 sessions of the "Symbol Drama" method helped children to express their experiences and put them in a context that helps to restore their psychological state.

  • Individual consultations with psychotherapists were held for each child to identify their personal needs and develop individual support plans.

These numbers demonstrate the intensive nature of the program and the serious task of psychological support and recovery for each participating child.

This program could not have been successful without a team of professional specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists from the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center and the Family Circle Center. The head of this team is Lesya Pidlisetska.

The program lasted 21 days and was held in the favorable atmosphere of a sanatorium in Truskavets. The participants went through the following stages: diagnostics, intensive psychotherapy and an entertainment program, which contributed to their psychological recovery and improved emotional state.

The following results were obtained during the second round of the Hope for Kids program:

  • 20 children with high levels of stress have stabilized their condition.

  • 11 children with high levels of stress need further individual therapy.

  • 21 children with high levels of stress and anxiety noted a decrease in symptoms and anxiety.

  • 8 children with high levels of stress need to continue individual therapy.

These results indicate positive changes in the psycho-emotional state of children after participation in the program.

Hope for Kids is proof that care and professional support can significantly improve the quality of life of children who have experienced difficult life circumstances. This program plays an extremely important role in the process of their recovery and adaptation to new realities.

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