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Olena Mykhailivna: the story of a person who did not leave her loved ones during the war

Olena Mykhailivna from the city of Druzhkivka in the Donetsk region is a person who not only saved her pets during the war but also took care of homeless cats in her city. Now she has received help from the charity foundation Hope UA and wants to tell her story to inspire others.

Mrs. Olena has ten cats and two dogs. But when the war started, she took ten more homeless cats who needed help under her care. Although many people left the city, Ms. Olena stayed with her animals.

When the war began with massive rocket attacks, the shop where she worked was closed, leaving pensioner Olena out of work, like many other people in the city. It's been tough financially, but family, neighbors, and government benefits keep her afloat. Olena Mikhailivna lost her job did not lose hope and continued to fight against all the challenges of the war.

Mrs. Olena with her husband and pets live in a small house with two rooms and a kitchen. They created a special window pass through which cats can go out for a walk and return home, hiding from shelling. Dogs are also afraid of the sounds of explosions. Out of panic, they try to crawl into the smallest cracks, everyone gathers in a heap just to feel safe. Therefore, animals are kept at home at night and during air raids or hide together in a shelter.

Mrs. Olena told about her special love for her favorite cat named Kosyi, whom she found under the fence in winter. He wakes her up every morning with his wet nose on her neck and purrs. Olena's pets help her stay positive, despite the difficult conditions of the war.

Mrs. Olena's favorite dish is jelly meat, but only made by herself. It used to be cooked often, but now it is rarely cooked. However, they made it on New Year's and Easter.

Ms. Olena found out about the charity fund Hope UA thanks to her sister and social networks. She applied for HopeBox and received a box of food and hygiene for a month, and also six bags of food for her animals. This help was very necessary for Olena Mykhailivna and her husband because sometimes things are not easy.

The story of Mrs. Olena Mykhailivna is an example that demonstrates that animals can be a source of love and support in the most difficult moments.

Thanks to the help of the charity fund Hope UA, Olena Mykhailivna will be able to continue providing her pets with food and necessary things for a month. However, Mrs. Olena, it is not the only case. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to help, join the Hope Boxes program and do not leave homeless animals unattended.

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