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Marketing consulting for your business for donations to the "Hope UA" charity fund

The marketing director of Hope UA charity foundation - Ian Shkuro together with thefoundation team will implement the development of the foundation and the promotionof all programs from April 2022. In particular, it was possible to launch suchprograms as corporate social responsibility, in which a dozen businesses joined, cooperation with international foundations, #HopeBoxes humanitarian kits, St. Nicholas holiday for thousands of children and much more. Meanwhile, Ian and theteam advise businesses on how to work during a wartime and this business helps thefoundation.

We have decided to expand this cooperation and launch a professional marketingconsulting service from Ian Shkuro for entrepreneurs, business owners, and topmanagers.

Every hour of consultation is equal to a donation to the charity foundation programs. You not only have the opportunity to hear advice on improving your business, but also help Ukraine through the programs of Hope UA charity foundation:

● Provision of dual-use military goods, such as body armor, helmets, SUVs andquadcopters;

● Completion of "HopeBoxes" food kits, which we send upon request to the frontlineareas;

● Conducting educational and entertainment events for IDPs and children in LvivOblast;

● New employment and retraining program "The Choice" in Lviv region.

During the war, our marketing team created two development companies andlaunched two new complexes for sale, marketing building materials networks, stimulated sales of car service networks and restaurants. Marketing and sales for a premium clubhouse. Now we have launched a new complex of income real estate, weare building shopping and entertainment centers in Bukovel and Skhidnytsia. Severalmore real estate projects are planned - says Ian Shkuro, marketing director ofHopeUA charity foundation.

Before the war, Ian cooperated with such companies as Taryan Group, Avalon Lviv, Riviera Shopping City, Sky family park, Ulichnaya Eda (Platform Art Factory), Ekvator Shopping Center (Velika Kishenya).

I will help the business to form a marketing strategy and a sales strategy. We willstudy the target audience, product/service, purpose and tasks, conduct research. I willexplain how to set up marketing tools and how to work with a team. We will optimizespending on effective channels and together we will create an effective marketingstrategy that customers will be able to implement, - commented Ian Shkuro, marketing director of HopeUA charity foundation

During the war, Ukrainian businesses had an additional opportunity to provethemselves in the foreign business arena. Despite the complications of doing business, companies transform and become even stronger. It is thanks to an effective marketingstrategy that you can achieve greater results and confidently enter new markets.

Areas in which Ian works with the team:

● Residential and commercial development (residential and commercial premises, shopping centers, Marketing, sales, leasing, construction)

● Retail market - marketing, sales promotion, product formation

● The market of services (hotels, restaurants, co-working spaces) to stimulateattendance, sales, and brand building

● Digital marketing

Thanks to the donation, you will not only benefit your business, but also help peopleaffected by the war.

The payment for the consultation will be a donation to Consultation 1-2 hours. The cost of an hour - $100, 2 hours - $150. Format: online call.

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