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Japanese support for children in Ukraine

Bridges of kindness between Ukraine and Japan - how joint efforts help children and unite cultures

A common path to hope: Japanese support for children in Ukraine through the combined efforts of the “HopeUa” Foundation.

"HopeUa” is a Ukrainian charitable foundation aimed at supporting those affected by the consequences of Russian terror.

Our goal: to establish a system of assistance to war victims.

Mission: To help Ukrainians by uniting like-minded people for the sake of Ukraine's victory.

As we all know, Ukraine and Japan have been and remain geographically distant countries, but today we can say with certainty that this distance is only visible on a map! The countries have become united by a common goal—to support and help children who have faced severe life challenges due to the full-scale invasion. The “HopeUa” Foundation, with its mission to help the children of Ukraine, has become an intermediary in establishing strong ties between the two countries.

Among these valuable efforts is the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan's response to the call for support for Ukraine's children through cooperation with the "HopeUa" Foundation. This partnership has proven to be extremely effective in bringing hope and help to the lives of those who need it most. This cooperation has established a transparent and effective system for realizing the common goal of both countries – helping children who have suffered the most from the war, require psychological assistance and restore their skills to build constructive relationships in society.

The charitable financial assistance from the people of Japan is a tangible example of not only political and diplomatic relations, but also an important factor in the development of a new peaceful and healthy future for our children. The distribution of charitable funds reflects the specific areas where this assistance is being implemented:

The inclusion in the psychological stabilization and rehabilitation program of 147 children who were traumatized by the war, survived violence, occupation, suffered losses and generally received symptoms and signs of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This demonstrates the desire of the people of Japan to provide psychological support to young Ukrainians who have experienced difficult events and to prevent the development of psychological trauma and mental disorders in the future.

Conducting a number of cultural, educational and sports activities for children to restore constructive social relations in society and form positive reactions, motivations, and attitudes. It is integration activities such as excursions, workshops, quests, sports tournaments and camps that help children better assimilate into the new environment, find friends and facilitate easier understanding of their traumatic experiences.

The HopeUa Foundation has proven to be a true bridge of kindness between Ukraine and Japan. Its efforts, coupled with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan, set an example of how partnership and common purpose can bring hope and joy to the lives of children who need it most.

At a time when our world is looking for ways to unite nations and support those in need, the joint initiative of the “HopeUa” Foundation and the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan in Ukraine has become an embodiment of humanitarian cooperation and hope for a better future.

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