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Introductory meeting with the Minister of Digital Transformation

We really want to share our meeting with the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine @michael.fedorov. The meeting took place within the framework of the "VzayemoDiya" project for the formation of a conscious business and support for socially vulnerable segments of the population and war victims.

The "VzayemoDiya" project is a new social project aimed at creating a single all-Ukrainian platform for IDPs. "VzayemoDiya" will become a platform where IDPs can find the necessary information and opportunities, and the business will gain recognition and increase its client base.

The main idea of the project is to create a single all-Ukrainian platform for IDPs, where the entire range of opportunities and relevant information will be collected. One of the main benefits for internally displaced persons will be a road map for rapid social adaptation in a new place, which will include information on medicine, education, and employment. In addition, the platform will collect a list of opportunities in the cultural and educational sector, including a poster of events, free training and courses, and master classes. Discounts on products and services will also be available on the platform.

We are proud that there are such people in our country!

Thank you for the motivation to create new digital projects for the support, inspiration, and important advice!

We look forward to the opportunity to talk about the jointly implemented project.

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