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Humanitarian mission to the east of Ukraine: volunteers visited hospitals in the front-line area

The first stop of the volunteer convoy was Pavlograd.

The local hospital is one of the closest rear medical facilities, where soldiers from the front are hospitalized.

All necessary services are provided there, and surgical interventions and rehabilitation are provided.

More than half a hundred military personnel are in the hospital, with various injuries and illnesses. Therefore, doctors are making maximum efforts to provide everyone with the necessary treatment.

"We are truly the closest hospital that has the conditions for comprehensive care and inpatient treatment of military personnel who also need operations. In particular, a well-equipped intensive care unit," said Andriy Kalka, head of the surgical department.

But doctors need modern diagnostic devices for more efficient and quick help to our defenders. Therefore, the Hope UA charitable foundation delivered a gastroscope to the hospital.

"The new device will give us the opportunity to quickly diagnose diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore prescribe a specific treatment. Unfortunately, these diseases very often occur due to stress and an unbalanced diet. That's why this device is a lifesaver for us," added the head of the medical department Nataliya Osinya.

The next stop of the volunteer mission was Kramatorsk. A city that is also in the line of fire continues to live and work for the soldiers who hold the front.

Local hospitals receive wounded soldiers every day, so the need for beds is constantly increasing to provide the boys with the opportunity to recover in a hospital.

"Our hospital has several buildings, but we don't have enough beds to equip wards for the wounded. It's good that the people of Dobro are helping by donating modern beds and medicines, so we will be able to provide adequate assistance to the military," said Andrii Apryshko, general director of one of the hospitals in Kramatorsk.

As Tetyana Saltanova, an infectious disease specialist at another hospital in Kramatorsk, added, there is enough medicine in the hospital - there is a state supply and volunteers help significantly. However, there is a need for food. In particular, cereals, canned meat, and canned meat are necessary.

According to the hospital's general director, Oleksiy Yakovlenko, civilians and military personnel are hospitalized at the hospital. Everyone needs proper treatment conditions.

"It is obvious that the hospital needs repair and renewal. But for now, we have to work as efficiently as possible in the conditions we have and do everything possible to save our defenders. We are grateful to the priests who are always in touch and help us fulfill our duty. In particular, we thank you for the beds delivered by volunteers from Lviv. Now we will be able to provide hospital beds for more patients," the chief physician emphasized.

The third medical facility visited by the volunteers was a mobile hospital in Sloviansk.

A new ultrasound machine was brought to the medical institution, which daily performs extremely complex operations on wounded soldiers and literally takes them out of the other world. As noted by Ihor Sobko, a senior surgeon in the 59th mobile hospital, they had diagnostic equipment, but such things are rare and necessary in front-line hospitals. They are often transferred between hospitals, and therefore a working device should always be available. Correct and timely diagnosis depends on this - and, therefore, the life of the military.

"Doctors of mobile hospitals actually work without rest or weekends. We accept boys both during the day and at night. Everyone needs an ultrasound machine. Therefore, we cannot do without such a diagnosis. Such help is very valuable and important here," the doctor emphasized.

The extreme point of the humanitarian mission is the city of Druzhkivka. It is located a little more than 35 kilometers from the epicenter of the Ukrainian resistance - the heroic city of Bakhmut.

As the doctors of the local hospital said, both a civilian hospital and a military hospital work here. Therefore, the medical facility is constantly in need of medicines.

They were delivered by benefactors from Lviv. Also, part of the consumables will be transferred to Toretsk.

The head doctor of the medical institution added that the hospital needed beds to equip more places for hospitalization.

"That's why such trips are important so that we can learn about specific needs directly on the spot and help hospitals on the front lines in a targeted manner. I hope that soon we will return to the frontline regions with another humanitarian convoy. Because both in the west, in the east, in the north, and in the south of the country, we have a single goal - the Victory of Ukraine!", said Roman Hrynkevich, head of the "Hope.UA" charitable foundation.

Despite constant shelling, daily threats, and losses, the cities on the line of fire continue to live, keep the rear and support the guy's thanks to whom Ukraine stands. Here you really see that support is a very powerful force, and we cannot stop. After all, by working together, we are bringing the dream day of Victory closer!

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