top of page held a meeting with the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration

Social construction for forced migrants based on the principle of "city within a city" - this is the idea presented by the founders of the Charitable Fund during our meeting.

This project involves the construction of four-, five-, and six-story buildings, which will be located near local infrastructure in populated areas. Also, within the boundaries of the project, together with housing, it is proposed to build administrative buildings, which will have kindergartens, co-working spaces, cafes, dispensaries, etc.

Priority will be given to pregnant women, widows, the elderly and families of soldiers.

After the presentation of the project, it was submitted for consideration by the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv Regional State Administration in order to work out implementation mechanisms.

By joint efforts, we are looking for opportunities to solve the challenges that have arisen before our region due to a full-scale war.

We will win. On all fronts.

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