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Hope UA Charitable Foundation thanks the Japanese people for their support of Ukraine

The struggle for peace and unity of our country has been going on already for a year. During this time, the russian army has destroyed thousands of lives and houses and continues to do so. Japan, like Ukraine, suffered from the consequences of the World War II and can share the problems and outcomes of military actions, exactly the same as Ukrainians are facing now.

We thank YOSHIKI for providing 10 million yen in aid and humanitarian assistance to persons in need of support as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Yoshiki is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer and record producer

We are also grateful to the young Japanese princess Aiko Toshi for expressing words of support and sympathy regarding the military events in Ukraine.

"I feel that my heart is broken because of the loss of so many precious lives in Ukraine," - the princess said.

Japanese princess Aiko Toshi

Japanese TV presenter Dewi Sukarno, the widow of the former President of Indonesia Sukarno, visited Ukraine, in particular the city of Bucha in the Kyiv region, on January 23, 2023. In Japan, she is known as Madam Dewi. She expressed a request to the Japanese government, asking it to become "more active in providing support" to Ukraine. Matsuno, the chief government spokesman under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, responded that Japan would continue to provide aid.

Devi Sukarno is a Japanese businesswoman, world lioness, TV presenter, philanthropist

About 2,000 refugees from Ukraine are officially registered in Japan.

The Ukrainian people are grateful for spreading the truth around the world about russian terror. Every word of support helps us to stay strong and continue to fight for our land.

Currently, there are 3.5 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine who have lost their homes and have nowhere to return. They are counting on your help. To support programs aimed at helping Ukrainian families affected by the war, follow the link.

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