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Hope UA Charitable Foundation thanks all partners!

Together, we collected over 277 million hryvnias in cash. Thanks to you, thousands ofUkrainians affected by the war received the necessary support and humanitarian aid.

By providing help, you not only speed up the victory of Ukraine, but also fight for the preservation of peace in the whole world!

Our partners:

Nova Poshta (New Post)

Gepard express

Embassies of Ukraine in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Poland, Greece, Croatia.

Consulates of Ukraine in Krakow, Dubai, Brno.

Post bellum

Help Ukraine Gothenburg

World central kitchen

Happiness - Eastern European Community

Slava Ukraini Fund

Unlimited Democracy

Women for women

Tayside and Strathearn

Be an Angel

Friends of being an Angel

World of connections


House of Ukraine

Unity of Ukraine

NGO For Luhansk region

Charitable Foundation SOS Children's Towns of Ukraine

NGO of IDPs of Ukraine

Kvartal 95

Band WITHOUT LIMITS (Bez Obmezhen)

Alliance for Peace and Unity in Europe


Hungry Mykola

Post Angeles


And also: Dr. Theophil Gallo, Natalia Kuzyak, Anastasia Oberemko, Sophia Maksymets, Martha Kushnir, Martha Ivanova, Diana Shulga, Martha Nazar, Diana Korpalo, Kateryna Kernytska, Sophia Romanyuk, Anastasia Matviychuk.

Humanitarian aid that was sent: 1,000,000 units of medicines, 700,000 units of food, 200,000 units of hygiene products and 1,700 HopeBoxes, 6,000 hot meals.

We sent military aid at the request of our defenders. In total, the foundation provided: 3315 bulletproof vests, 6232 gas masks and helmets, 54 thermal imagers, 27 SUVs, 16 drones and433 walkie-talkies.

Thank you for your trust and support! We promise not to stop at what we have already achieved and to continue to support the war victims. We believe that victory is near.

We also thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine, every defender. To every volunteer who helped and still is helping in fighting for the Victory! Also to all the caring people who have contributed since the first days of the war. We are unbreakable people and together we are a true force!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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