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Hope Boxes: how a charitable foundation collects food kits for war victims

The Hope.UA charity foundation created the Hope Boxes program of food kits for families affected by the war. 300 such boxes have already been handed over, but the need for them is ten times greater, so the foundation is looking for caring people who are ready to help. Read more about the initiative and how to join it in the article.

What are Hope Boxes?

Hope Boxes is a set of products and hygiene products collected in Lviv, designed for a month for a family of three people. According to Anna Tkachyk, head of the Hope.UA coordination board, the fund decided to make these sets exclusively from products of Ukrainian manufacturers, because it helps to use the funds more rationally.

"Food and hygiene products were always more expensive abroad than in Ukraine, and logistics additionally increased the cost of a product unit. Instead, Ukraine now needs support for the national economy and domestic producers, and at the same time there are still a large number of people in need of humanitarian aid," she emphasized.

Hope Boxes are distributed to Ukrainians in need of humanitarian aid / Photo from Facebook

Hope.UA together with the band "Bez Obmezen" has already handed over 300 family boxes for families in Mykolaiv with their own funds for a total amount of over 400 thousand hryvnias. But the need for them is much greater: the fund has already received more than 35,000 applications from different parts of Ukraine, so it is now looking for caring people who are ready to join this initiative and finance the next Hope Boxes.

Any person, including from abroad, can contribute financially and see the result. Thus, it not only helps Ukrainians, but also raises our economy, - notes Anna Tkachyk.

The band "Bez Obmezen" is an ambassador of Hope.UA

The first ambassador of Hope.UA was the well-known Ukrainian band "Bez Obmezen" (Without Limits). It was with the musicians that the team of the charitable foundation visited Mykolaiv on June 14, where, in addition to 300 sets of Hope Boxes, they handed over 50 body armor and a car to the military. In addition to the humanitarian mission, the band "Bez Obmezen" also visited the military to encourage them in the fight for the victory of Ukraine.

We came, first of all, to thank our military for the protection of our country, for their victory. Of course, we have prepared a lot of music for them. We also hand over hygienic and food boxes, which are formed according to UN standards with the calculation of kilocalories per person, - said the leader of the group, Serhii Tanchynets.

Hope.UA is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that has been working since the first days of the war to provide for the humanitarian and tactical needs of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, as well as the needs of the civilian population living near the occupied and temporarily occupied territories.

How Hope.UA helps Ukrainians and the army

The main directions of the fund's work:

  • construction of social housing;

  • humanitarian help;

  • legal support;

  • medical support.

The band "Bez Obmezen" and representatives of the Hope.UA fund in Mykolaiv / Photo by Hope.UA

The charitable foundation and the band "Bez Obmezen" still have a lot of joint plans - from providing the military with the necessary ammunition to housing construction projects for those who were left with nothing as a result of Russian aggression. In particular, the Hope.UA fund is completing the completion of a kindergarten in Irpen, which still needs $350,000 for finishing works and landscaping.

For business – a program of corporate social responsibility

The Hope.UA Charity Fund has developed a concept of corporate social responsibility for business. It means that the company not only works to achieve its financial goals, but also helps society, which is especially important for Ukraine in war conditions. Corporate social responsibility should encourage enterprises to work ethically and to have a more positive impact on society.

At the same time, philanthropic social responsibility goes beyond simple maximally ethical activity and involves active improvement of society. It is often associated with donating money to charity, but in fact it is a broader concept - from investment in the community to participation in local projects.

Categories of corporate social responsibility offered by Hope.UA:

  • social housing;

  • humanitarian aid (including Hope Boxes);

  • medical support;

  • support for affected families.

Cooperation with the Hope.UA foundation: how you can help

Mechanism of cooperation on corporate social responsibility:

  • we sign a cooperation agreement for a monthly fixed job;

  • the charity fund reports monthly on the work performed in all directions, prepares a report that the company can post on its resources;

  • Hope.UA publishes information about cooperation with the company on its resources.

The results of the work of Hope.UA together with the band "Without Limits" / Photo by Hope.UA

You can apply for the fund's help through the website by filling out the appropriate form, through social networks - Facebook and Instagram, as well as by phone: +380 (67) 326 52 05. The call center will process the request, and representatives of the fund will contact you.