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Help the victims of war together with the Hope UA

The charity fund Hope UA helps displaced persons and refugees who left their homes due to the terrible terror of the occupier. One of the ways we help is HopeBoxes food kits. We put together food packages and distribute them to those who really need it. 1,600 sets of #HopeBoxes have already been distributed (all reports are available on the website). We call on all concerned people to help the victims. To those who were left without homes and jobs. To those who lost relatives and friends. Who came from the destroyed territories. Let's make a small contribution to the new life of the affected Ukrainians with the Hope UA charity fund. Remember that every donation you make goes to good and brings the victory of Ukraine closer.

How to support the HopeBoxes project?

Donate by direct transfer via the link

Or use the Donations section on our website, where you can make a donation to support one of the fund's active programs.

Photo report for December on the HopeBoxes project

The Hope UA charity foundation created #HopeBoxes kits, which effectively provide affected families with food and hygiene for a month. In total 1,600 HopeBoxes were provided.

Such sets include products that have a long shelf life (cereals, pasta, sugar, coffee, oil, canned goods, etc.), as well as the most necessary hygiene products, which include dental hygiene, soap, washing powder, etc.

180 #HopeBoxes shipped in a month and a half.

45 boxes were sent to Bakhmut through our partners OSA. 10 boxes were sent to Nikopol, to people from destroyed houses.

20 boxes were sent to the Donetsk region, the rest went to the east and south of Ukraine (Kherson, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia) on individual requests from those in need.

70 boxes were sent to Dnipro, victims of a Russian rocket hitting a residential building on 13.01.2023. We sympathize with the families of the victims. And we wish Ukraine a speedy victory!

How to get HopeBoxes?

Leave a request on social networks - Facebook and Instagram, or by phone: +380 (67) 326 52 05.

The call center is processing the appeal, and representatives of the fund will contact you later.

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