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Happy children are the future of the Ukraine

More than 15 million children were affected by the war in Ukraine. Someone lost everything - his home, parents, brothers, and sisters. Someone was abused by the Russian military and suffered multiple physical injuries and with it psychological injuries (PTSD). Someone thinks about how to survive and make ends meet. Someone lives under Russian occupation and simply dreams of returning their childhood to the way it was before February 24, 2022. 19,393 children were deported to the territory of Russia, and 398 children went missing - their parent's dream of family reunification and seeking justice.

This war is psychologically difficult for every Ukrainian. Adults, due to their own life experiences, try to seek help from specialists or friends, they cope on their own. And then what about children who rely on adults who themselves are psychologically damaged?

Hope UA aims to create a comprehensive rehabilitation center. The space provides a safe place for families and orphans, where children can receive professional psychological help. And also to introduce a single system of effective psychological rehabilitation for children.

Providing support and assistance to families affected by Russian aggression in the occupied territories and in the most affected regions, by providing qualified psychological support to children and their parents, will help them to stabilize their emotional state and recover from the traumatic experience of war.

Our mission is to ensure a happy future for Ukrainian children.

A Ukrainian child today is a future-conscious citizen of a free Ukraine who will remind our descendants of Russia's terrible terrorist actions against the Ukrainian people. These are the custodians of a historical event that is happening today and will be remembered in the future.

We support large families and continue to help them since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

By joining any of the Hope UA projects, you help Ukrainian children and contribute to their happy childhood and future.

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