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Charity media project in the form of digital theaterArt face of Ukraine 🇺🇦

Event duration: 03/06/2023 - 03/10/2023

Organizers: Charitable Foundation Hope UA, Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen, Milan Šimemečka Foundation, Magnificent picnic

Partners: Stará tržnica (The Old Market Hall)

Media partners: NEWS - TA3, Dennik SME. SK

Venue: Stará tržnica (The Old Market Hall)

Námestie SNP 25

811 01 Bratislava

The purpose of the event: to collect 2 million dollars for elderly people who remained inthe east of the country and cannot leave their homes. They live in critical conditions, butdo not stop believing in the unconditional victory of Ukraine. Raised funds will be used to buy generators to run water and electricity to each frontline village and help cover all the basic needs. HopeBoxes will also be given to the victims. Thanks to them, families of 3 people are effectively provided with food and hygiene products for a month.


Such sets include products with a long shelf life (cereals, pasta, sugar, coffee, oil, canned goods, etc.), as well as the most necessary hygiene products, which includedental hygiene, soap, washing powder, etc.

The aid will be transferred to the Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, and Mykolaivregions, where fierce battles for peace are now taking place.


Manifestation of creative thoughts of Ukrainian artists through the visual change of space using audio and video installations.

The artistic face of Ukraine is a digital performance by the TEZA association, which creates a new experience of getting to know art.

It is a mosaic of the works of graphic artists, analog artists and the creative community, which explains the path of the Ukrainian civilian population during the war. It demonstrates how the artist's soul changes through the experienced pain to a work ofart.

Our art has transformed, and we want to keep track of these changes. It is progressing, looking for new forms and tools to reach every viewer.

During the performance different impressions will take place around us — on canvases, planes, screens, surfaces, televisions. It is not an exhibition, but an experience where the visitor receives an impression that encompasses the eyes, ears, senses and imagination. This is a visual performance that deeply engages human feelings and thebrain.

The Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen has united artists from different parts of Ukraine tocreate a unique art show that visualizes the effects of russian aggression and states the powerful art of our people and its individual representatives.

HOPE UA is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that supports victims of russian terror.

The foundation's mission is to help Ukrainians by uniting caring and like-minded people for thevictory of Ukraine.

As part of this year's "St. Nicholas" project, HOPE UA foundation with the help of Nicholas' assistants has made gifts for more than 1,000 children. More than 600 of them are IDPs and about 200 gifts were given to children from the frontline areas, more than 100 gifts for the children of heroes of the Lviv region who died in the war.

Magnificent picnic is a Ukrainian project that aims to reveal the historical taste of Ukrainian cuisine in combination with special trips around Ukraine. But during the war there are new challenges, so the project completely became an event service, which in a special way introduces foreigners to Ukrainian traditions, cuisine, culture and art.

Quantity: 18+ audience

● Creative youth

● Representatives of the art world

● Foundations and private donors

● Ukrainian community

● Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and authorities

The average number of visitors per day during any event at this location is 1000 visitors. The goalis 4,000 people.

Price: entrance ticket is 15 euros for adults and 5 for children and the possibility of a voluntary contribution.

General plan of the event:

1st zone. The birth of an artistic soul and its journey through history. Through the image of the Ukrainian house and its transformation — from the Scythian tribal tent, through the ruralmazanka and the Hetman's castle to the modern Ukrainian residence — we show how the soul travels through ages and generations, embodying the art of outstanding Ukrainian masters.

2nd zone. The Ukrainian soul in its prime suffers a devastating blow from the hands of the Russian aggressor, the moment of the first missile hits breaks the artistic society into a before andafter, although no one knows yet whether there will be an after, through real footage of the warwe show how the artist moves from the position of timeless art on stage. I fight through art.

3rd zone. We use segments of art objects and post-war painting to create a sense of immersion in the Ukrainian universe of renaissance.

4th zone. Installation by Lviv artist Anna Ivanova, who works under the pseudonym Xanikkka. Work called «Enter. Listen. Feel» consists of a black cube and sound elements. A cube is a closed space without light, objects or destructive elements. Entering a confined space, literally and figuratively, can be difficult for some; however, it is the only way to unlock a deeper level ofintimacy where one perceives the other without direct interaction. The work is intended for solitary viewing: one person enters a black cube and puts on headphones, from which sound begins to come out, putting a person in a meditative state, connecting through sound with the author.

This piece of art is a reminder that we often get distracted by the visuals and forget the feelings, so it does just that – it removes the visual element so the participant can focus on what they are hearing and, as a result, how it makes him feel.





Foundation representative tel. number: +380 (93) 256 33 19

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