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Charity for development: how corporate social responsibility works

Hope.UA is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that has been working since the first days of the war to provide for the humanitarian and tactical needs of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, as well as the needs of the civilian population living near the occupied and temporarily occupied territories.

More than 5,000 tons of humanitarian aid of various types, worth more than 6 million dollars, passed through the warehouse of the fund, in particular, about 5,000 bulletproof vests and 5,000 helmets. From the beginning, the foundation operated on its own funds, and now it begins to collect donations from benefactors and calls on businesses to join the corporate social responsibility program.

Decent housing for displaced people

The main directions of the fund's work are construction of social housing, humanitarian aid, legal and medical support. In particular, the fund has an entire legal department that helps war victims, and now the fund is looking for partners for the construction of Sich social housing - both in Ukraine and abroad. Design and estimate documentation is already being developed for several projects of both private houses and an entire residential quarter in Lviv and Zhytomyr regions.

Meeting of the Hope.UA team with the Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow

Sich is a residential complex built on the principle of "live, work, rest" or "city within a city". The complex should have 4-story buildings with 1-3-room apartments, as well as mandatory basic infrastructure - a supermarket, a pharmacy, a children's center or kindergarten, a school, a dispensary, a cafe, a co-working space, beauty salons, a medical center, a bomb shelter, etc.

"Sich is not about buildings. It's about people, about providing jobs, about creating new ideas. The goal of the project is to unite people in one eco-system, to implement European values, to give people the opportunity to live in a new way, to give them hope. We have already presented it in Europe - in Lublin, Krakow, Brno, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, met with businessmen, politicians, and journalists. According to our plan, construction should take from 2 to 12 months, but it will not be temporary, but permanent housing with a guarantee for 100 years," says Roman Hrynkevich.

In addition, the Hope.UA fund is completing the construction of a kindergarten in Irpen, which still needs $350,000 for finishing works and landscaping.

Humanitarian and moral support

The Hope.UA charity foundation also created the Hope Boxes food package program for families affected by the war. Hope Boxes is a set of products and hygiene products for a family of three people per month, collected in Lviv. According to Anna Tkachyk, head of the Hope.UA coordination board, the fund decided to make these sets exclusively from products of Ukrainian manufacturers.

"Food and hygiene products were always more expensive abroad than in Ukraine, and logistics additionally increased the cost of a product unit. Instead, Ukraine now needs support for the national economy and domestic producers, but at the same time, there are still a large number of people who need humanitarian assistance," she emphasized.

The well-known Ukrainian band "Without Limits" became the first ambassador of Hope.UA, and it was with the musicians that the team of the charitable foundation visited Mykolaiv on June 14. There they handed over 300 sets of Hope Boxes, as well as more than 50 body armor and a car for the military. In addition to the humanitarian mission, the band "Without Limits" also visited the military to encourage them in the fight for the victory of Ukraine.

The band "Without Limits" is an ambassador of the Hope.UA charity fund

"We came, first of all, to thank our military for the protection of our state, for their victory. Of course, we have prepared a lot of music for them. I wish everyone patience, victory, faith in the Armed Forces and the indomitability of the army. Mykolaiv is a beautiful city, and it will definitely stand up, just like all of Ukraine," said band leader Serhii Tanchynets.

The total cost of assistance is approximately $138,000. The foundation's team of musicians is currently fundraising for Hope Boxes, drones, tactical gear and a vehicle for the military.

What is corporate social responsibility

Hope.UA developed the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for business. Its essence is that a certain company acts not only to achieve its financial goals, but also helps society, tries to improve it and contribute to sustainable development. The purpose of CSR is to encourage enterprises to work ethically and to have a more positive impact on society.

Philanthropic social responsibility goes beyond only maximally ethical activity and involves active improvement of society. This type of corporate social responsibility is often associated with donating money, but it's actually a broader concept, from investing in the community to participating in local projects.

Presentation of the concept of corporate social responsibility in Krakow

CSR categories offered by Hope.UA:

  • construction of social housing;

  • provision of humanitarian aid;

  • medical support;

  • support for families affected by the war.

"Several companies have already joined the corporate social responsibility program: jewelry brand Sova, logistics company "Nova Poshta", construction company "City Grad", restaurant Savor, hotel Taurus, restaurant Faber, chain of car hubs Lion, investment and construction company Stone Development and advertising agency Leo Marketing agency. The Hope.UA Charitable Foundation is grateful to its partners and invites new ones to cooperate," says Volodymyr Benyo, operational director of the foundation.

So, since the first days of the war, the Sova company has transferred a total of about 3.5 million UAH to support the Ukrainian military and since the beginning of the confrontation has been helping to provide all the necessary territorial defense. Sova employees are engaged in volunteer activities in various cities of Ukraine, helping with logistics, product packaging, delivery of products and medicines to those in need, first medical aid, net weaving, and more.

In May, on the occasion of Mother's Day, Sova transferred part of the proceeds from the sale of each ornament to collect holiday baskets and give warm words and a smile to a mother whose son or daughter cannot currently congratulate her personally, because they are defending the country's freedom. Throughout May, the brand collected stories of mothers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about their children - their childhood, youth, service in the army. About 200 mothers of defenders, who filled out questionnaires on the Sova website, received branded gift baskets with goodies and pleasant trinkets.

Corporate social responsibility is a valuable way for companies to demonstrate their humanity while fulfilling their role in society. Our world, people and organizations are becoming increasingly interconnected, and CSR helps actively manage these connections for the benefit of the company and the communities and organizations associated with it.

Cooperation with the Hope.UA foundation: how you can help

Mechanics of cooperation on corporate social responsibility:

  • we sign a cooperation agreement for a monthly fixed job;

  • the charity fund reports monthly on the work performed in all directions, prepares a report that the company can post on its resources;

  • Hope.UA publishes information about cooperation with the company on its resources.

You can apply for the fund's help through the website by filling out the appropriate form, through social networks - Facebook and Instagram, as well as by phone: +380 (67) 326 52 05. The call center will process the request, and representatives of the fund will contact you.

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