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Charitable Foundation HopeUA: Report for the month of July

With hope for the future and a happy childhood

July is a month of joyful events and active actions from the HopeUA Charitable Foundation. We are pleased to share with you the amazing events and achievements made possible by the support of our caring partners, friends and volunteers.

Children's camp "Good in Action":

On July 3, an unrivaled journey began for 35 children aged 7 to 14 at the "Dobro in Action" children's camp. Together with the Student Chaplaincy Center and the Dobro volunteer space, we provided children with an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to develop while enjoying the fresh air for 6 unforgettable days. Indescribable pleasure was felt by everyone at the ice cream festival, where Petro Spodaryk performed scientific miracles and children enjoyed every moment.

New projects and partnerships:

July was a time for new opportunities and partnerships. We continued the work of the "Grants from the Khoupchykiv" Charity Accelerator, which will help develop social projects and initiatives that change our society for the better. Following the results of the auction at the Citadel Inn Gastro Boutique Hotel, we purchased 25 FVP Defender attack drones for the 125th TRO, bought a thermal imager for the 115th Separate Mechanized Brigade, and paid for the first "Hope for Kids" psychological rehabilitation program. Another 10 drones were delivered to the 125th Brigade after the successful "Will. Victory. Unite", which we organized together with Shypshyna Run. We also delivered 300 food packages to the residents of Kramatorsk as part of the Food for Good program from the Revival Foundation and the US Ukraine Foundation. Together we are changing the world for the better!

The joy of childhood:

One of the main areas of the foundation's work is taking care of children. Our team sent 20 vulnerable children to a camp in Sweden. There they had a busy 10-day program, where every moment brought them joy, inspiration and the opportunity to forget about the hardships of war.

New programs and development of children's projects:

The "Hope for Kids" project continues to delight children with incredible events and support. From workshops and competitions to the presentation of a psychological stabilization and rehabilitation program for children affected by war. On July 10, 30 children returned home after a full course of rehabilitation, and on July 17, we met again 60 children from the frontline, occupied and de-occupied territories who now live in Dnipro and Zhytomyr regions.

Project "Choice":

July gave us wonderful holiday moments. A wreath-making workshop for Ivan Kupala allowed the children to express themselves creatively and get closer to the Ukrainian tradition. The trip to the "Domazhyr" Bear Shelter was one of the most interesting and informative events for the young participants of the "Choice" project. There was no shortage of positive emotions during the trip to the dolphinarium, where the children watched with delight the performance of incredible sea creatures. In addition, our little researchers made a fascinating journey to the stars while visiting the planetarium. Exciting trips to the film festival were an unforgettable adventure for our young participants, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the art of cinema. The children also had the opportunity to visit the "Children's Planet" amusement park, where they made many new friends and learned to work in a team, completing various tasks. The mothers were offered a master class on making candles from wax, where they showed their creativity, and an educational trip to the Univ Lavra.

In addition, 80 people successfully completed English language courses, which will allow them to acquire new knowledge and skills for the future.

Growing and supporting our heroes:

We are deeply grateful to our partners, volunteers and friends of the Foundation who make our mission possible. Together with the "Nadiia" Youth Initiative Charitable Foundation and Lifeberry, we were able to provide frontline medical facilities with the necessary equipment as a result of the "With Ukraine in Our Heart" auction. We also proudly handed over 20 Starlink stations for border guard units and sent them to Donetsk region. Our border guards have received everything they need to ensure the security of our country.

Hope Boxes:

Thanks to the help of our friends at Help Ukraine Gothenburg, we continue to implement our Hope Boxes project. In July, we provided 100 families living close to the front line with boxes.

From the rear to the frontline:

We also delivered 4 trucks of humanitarian aid (food, hygiene, folding beds, bedding, fire extinguishers, water pumps, generators, medicines and much more) to Kherson, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions, not forgetting IDPs in Lviv region, in particular, Horodotskoho OTH

July brought unforgettable emotions and positive changes in the lives of children, soldiers and our community. Together we are growing, empowering and bringing hope to the hearts of those who need it. Join us in our future events, because together we can change the world for the better!

Thank you for being with us, thank you for believing in the magic of hope!

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