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At a charity evening in Lviv, the Charity Fund Hope.Ua and Zahidna burned down Moscow!

And in addition, funds were collected for the purchase of 500 #HopeBoxes, a military drone and an SUV for the Armed Forces🇺🇦

The charity fund, together with star artists and partners, held a charity evening on September 13, where the band "Bez Obmezheny", Arsen Mirzoyan and TAYANNA performed and the new collection of Ukrainian designer Olena Onufriv was shown.

Thanks to the collected funds and the help of our partners, the amount of resources was attracted

1,890,000 hryvnias🔥

From them will be purchased:

- 500 #HopeBoxes - and therefore 500 families, provided with food kits in the coming months;

- Drone "Jmelyk", which showed itself well on the front line to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine drop 10 kg "gifts" to orcs when they are not expecting it;

- And also one more car for the Armed Forces within the framework of the program of the Lviv Regional Center "1000 cars for the Armed Forces" 🇺🇦

"We will purchase 500 #HopeBoxes - this is targeted assistance per month for a family of three: for food, housing and hygiene. We are also buying a military drone capable of producing cotton in the ork trenches and an SUV as part of the LOVA program "1,000 machines for the Armed Forces" - comments Volodymyr Benyo, co-founder of the "Hope.UA" charitable foundation.

Funds were collected at a charity auction of works of art. Among the lots were paintings by famous artists, such as paintings by Yevhen Petrenko, Elena Onufriv, Igor Illinsky, Mykhailo Korobkov, a sculpture by Boris Dovgan, and a KALYNA coral pendant from the SOVA jewelry house and a St.Diamond pendant. Bottles that survived the shelling of Good wine warehouses and a unique Ruslan Baginskiy cap, which exists only in two copies. The Tiger part is painted by artists and much more.

"Concert-auction - we decided to combine the two formats to get a better result. And so it turned out, we collected the necessary amount. The programs of our foundation are aimed at supporting both the military and the civilian population. For the military, of course, these are the primary needs of cars and drones," commented Anna Tkachyk, head of the Hope.Ua BF coordination center.

At the same time, throughout the entire concert, artists Nazar Hrytsan, Artur Yuzefik and Rostyslav Pshemynskyi held a performance: the dream of Ukrainians was embodied in the painting - the burning Kremlin 🔥🔥🔥.

At the event, paintings by artists Anna Radyukova, Nugzar Metrevelli, Svitlana Perepilytsa, and Mykhailo Korobkov were displayed for sale. With the selection of works, many thanks to the partners from the NGO "European Alternative", namely Svitlana Hrynkevich.

"We really want to thank all our partners who supported us. Portal, LuxFm and our host Andrii Fertsak for informational support. Taurus, Panorama and Ferenc hotels for accommodating guests. Restaurant Na virmenskiy, Vinoteca Praha and Faber for the delicious treats. Jewelry brand St. Diamond and SOVA jewelry house for providing shining lots. Dock93, MFL Studio, EKAVA for aromatic coffee. Botelier, Wine Bureau for wine, Fiorelli and 12 steps for the drink of the evening - signature cocktails. Oks Models for the most beautiful girls MFL studio, Bednarska Beauty Center Oleksandra Tikhonov for fantastic images. I would like to highlight the decor of the location, GalSad and Ulyana Datsyshyn put a lot of effort into the decor, creating an autumn fairy tale. FESTrepublic and Fest Catering for the cool location and catering. Gastroli.Ua for organizing sales and support. Photo and video reports were prepared by Lutchyn Stepan, Danylo Gunko and Volodymyr Roshkovskyi," adds co-organizer Olena Dychenko.
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