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Art that feeds

HOPE UA is a Ukrainian Charitable Foundation aimed at supporting victims of the consequences of Russian terror.

In September 2022, thanks to a charity evening held in Lviv, Charitable Foundation Hope UA accumulated resources in the amount of UAH 1,900,000, which contained 500 HopeBoxes, as well as a car and a drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

After that, the foundation and the Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen planned a series of charity auctions in Ukraine and around the world to raise funds for the foundation's programs, such as:

🤝 Work with IDPs

- delivery of grocery kits to families in eastern Ukraine. #HopeBoxes

- provision of daily food for IDPs in the territory of Lviv Oblast. #HopeLunch

Work with the Armed Forces

- charitable fund-raising events.

- procurement of dual purpose goods for units of the Armed Forces (drones, cars) #RazomDoPeremogy #РазомДоПеремоги

- preparation for the winter period of military personnel (sleeping bags, etc.) #ПодаруйТепло

The partners held several test auction-exhibitions in Lviv. A calendar of foreign events is being planned now.

In order to attract funds for the victory of Ukraine, Ukrainian artisans and collectors responded by providing their works. In this way, art became a springboard to support the needs of the army and victims of Russian terror.

The Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen is a community united by creativity, the purpose of which is to support, develop and popularize Ukrainian craftsmen.

"We contribute to the common victory by preserving and multiplying our powerful creative potential. After all, Ukraine has always been famous for its masters! We are forming a cultural cluster of masters of their craft, who DESERVE world attention. Our goal is to popularize Ukrainian artists and their works in Ukraine and abroad. And also support, development and protection for those who need it." - comments Anna-Tereza Popil, head of the Ukrainian Union of Craftsmen.

The charity fund Hope UA is looking for partners in Ukraine and abroad to hold charity exhibitions and auctions. Join our corporate social responsibility program and help get one step closer to victory.

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