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A Ukrainian song raised funds for a mobile bath and laundry complex for the Armed Forces in Tokyo

The Hope UA Charitable Fund together with the Charity Fund "Rij" and the rock-band "Bez Obmezhen" collected UAH 450,000 for the arrangement of the MLPK (mobile bath and laundry complex) for the Special Presidential Brigade at a charity concert in Tokyo.

There are no borders for Ukrainian songs. Her melodiousness will make you fall in love with yourself from the first chords. Willpower and a complex process of organization did not stop the band "BezObmezhen" from bringing their music and Ukrainian culture to connoisseurs in Tokyo directly at their homes.

Charity Fund Hope UA held more than a dozen charity concerts and auctions with the participation of the Ukrainian rock-band "BezObmezhen", the proceeds of which went to help Ukrainians affected by Russian terror.

On March 18, a concert and a charity auction were held in Tokyo as part of the "Free People" charity tour of the "BezObmezhen" band. The proceeds are directed to help the Armed Forces, namely the purchase of modern bath and laundry complexes.

For the frontman of the Ukrainian rock band "BezObmezhen" Serhii Tanchynts, it was not only the first performance in Tokyo, but also a long-awaited meeting with his family, whom he took out of Kyiv after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. This inspires us to believe and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine so that all families can return home sooner after the victory.

Thousands of Ukrainians have already given the most precious thing - their lives, so that our children could live in a free country. Our defenders need urgent help due to active hostilities.

The combat units of the presidential brigade carry out the task of protecting the Motherland from the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. In order to meet the needs of the personnel of the military unit, it was decided to organize a charity collection for the purpose of equipping the brigade with mobile bath and laundry complexes.

The charitable foundation "Rij" launched a project to manufacture and provide complexes that allow covering the basic need of every person - hygiene. The representatives of the foundation learned about the need for such complexes firsthand from the military.

The idea of the project - to purchase bath and laundry complexes and create an opportunity for defenders to take bath, wash and dry things in field conditions.

The complex meets the technical conditions of the Armed Forces and includes:

- water heater;

- water tank;

- pumping station;

- convector;

- stainless steel sink;

- two washing machines;

- two dryers;

In such a complex, our defenders will be able to take care of their own hygiene: wash and dry things, shave, take a warm shower and regain strength after long days in the cold and exhausting combat missions.

More about the complex by the link.

We ask everyone who cares to join the fundraising for bath and laundry complexes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We urge you to give them a piece of comfort, which is available to each of us, only thanks to the protection of Ukraine by the Armed Forces.

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