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"A few meters from our house, half a block was destroyed by a Russian strike": stories of Donetsk re

The town of Druzhkivka is only about 35 km from Bakhmut, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are heroically defending themselves so that the Russian invaders do not advance further.

Despite constant shelling, there are still people near the front line. Residents do not leave for various reasons: they have sick relatives and neighbors who are difficult to move, they are afraid of losing their property, or they simply do not want to live out their old age far from their native land.

Mrs. Olena lives in Druzhkivka with her husband and son. The woman is sick. Her husband has been fighting cancer for several years. The couple's son also has health problems. That is why the family decided not to leave.

"We are not alone on the street - our neighbors are still here. But a few meters from our house, there is not a whole block. The Russians completely destroyed it with an airstrike. Of course, the city is still dangerous. But here we are at home. We are grateful to the volunteers who constantly respond to our requests, help with products and necessary things. We believe that we will soon win and live as before," said Ms. Olena.

Nataliya Petrivna has also lived in Druzhkivka all her life. Now she is taking care of her cancer-stricken husband and her son, who was wounded while defending Ukraine at the front. The woman was left without support, therefore, as she claims, volunteers are the only hope and support.

"I am grateful to those who do not forget us, Ukrainians, who remained in the frontline regions. We really need your help. While the Armed Forces defend us on the front line, you protect us here," the woman emphasized.

Not far from Nataliya Petrivna lives the married couple Olena and Eduard. The husband and wife do not leave because they cannot leave the pets they sheltered. They have as many as 20 cats and two dogs at home.

"In the current conditions, finding food for animals is another task. Therefore, we are very grateful to the volunteers who brought the necessary things all the way from Lviv. We are sure that very soon we will wait for the victory", - Eduard is confident.

Meanwhile, in the other end of the city, Valentina lives with her husband and two children. Two pensioners also live with them. There is no work in the city, so the family needs the help of volunteers.

"This is not the first time we have received humanitarian cargo from benefactors. Thank you for supporting us," Valentina emphasized.

"Hope Boxes" is a program for families affected by the war, which was started by the "Hope UA" charitable foundation.

HopeBox is a set of Ukrainian-made food and hygiene products for a family of three per month.

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