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8,449 hot lunches for IDPs thanks to the HopeLunch project

The project started on November 21. The main goal was to provide warm food to Ukrainians who suffered from the war and needed help. Winter was approaching, problems with electricity began in Ukraine due to massive attacks by the aggressor country on energy infrastructure facilities, and even any average citizen could not basically provide themselves with hot home-made food.

Therefore, together with the partner of the charity fund Hope UA, the SAVOR restaurant, it was decided to launch the HopeLunch - hot lunch project for internally displaced persons. A generator was purchased, a balanced menu was drawn up, and a well-thought-out schedule for the delivery of food by points was thought out.

It was possible to provide 95 to 100 people with hot lunches every day in the city of Komarno, the village of Peremozhny, and the Tourist Hotel in Lviv, where internally displaced persons are permanently housed in compact accommodation.

Every day, the families received hot meals, which not only provided their diet, but also allowed them to warm up and feel the home atmosphere. The SAVOR restaurant prepared a balanced meal, which includes: a soup, main course with a side dish and a salad. All BJU and energy values were preserved. For example, among the dishes that were prepared: homemade borscht, broth, Kiev-style cutlets, goulash, chops with mashed potatoes and others.

The project lasted the entire winter and effectively provided hundreds of IDPs with food.

My team and I have decided to close this project, since there are currently no problems with electricity, and also, unfortunately, we do not have a vehicle to deliver these lunches. As the warm season begins, it has become easier to prepare food. We communicated with people who were helped during this period, and their words of gratitude greatly inspired us to continue doing good things. We agreed that we will deliver food products to these points if it will be necessary and people will be able to cook their favorite dishes themselves, - comments co-founder of the fund Oksana Kruchinina.

The HopeLunch project and the coordinated work of the team did a very good job, because in such a difficult time when the whole of Ukraine suffered from power outages, Hope UA together with the SAVOR restaurant were able to help a large number of people.

HopeLunch is a project not only about physical comfort or satisfying hunger, but also psychological support, reminders of home cooking and creating comfort for IDPs in this difficult time.

A total of 8,449 hot meals were prepared. About 1,267,350 hryvnias were spent on the project.

We believe that next winter we will not have to suffer from such problems. The victory will be ours and Ukraine will live in a new way.

Closing the HopeLunch project does not mean that the foundation stops helping internally displaced people. Now the fund is actively collecting funds for the development of new projects that will be able to provide assistance to internally displaced persons and other Ukrainians in need.

You can join Hope UA programs financially or become a volunteer. Each of us can help those in need, regardless of resources.

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