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300 family boxes with food for a total amount of more than 400,000 hryvnias.

Support the initiative of the HOPE.UA charity fund and donate to #FoodBoxes, because every hryvnia is important to us.

HopeUA is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that has been working since the first days of the war. Our activities are aimed at ensuring the humanitarian and tactical needs of the MoU and the Armed Forces, as well as the needs of civilians living in the temporarily occupied territories.

Main areas of work:

  • Social housing

  • Humanitarian help

Our Hope.UA team together with BERTA implemented a new project of support and assistance to needy families.

Anyone can join and help.

We have developed two types of boxes:

  • A set with products (the contents of the box cover the basic needs of a family of 3 people for 14 days);

  • A set with hygiene (the contents of the box cover the needs of a family for 1 month).

How will the boxes be delivered and how can this be controlled?

The boxes will be sent by address delivery with tracking and a subsequent photo report.

By donating money to humanitarian boxes, you will be able to track how many families received help, where and when.

Cost of boxes:

  • The cost of a food box is €60

  • The hygiene box costs €30

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