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A Christmas trip to childhood

The trip for the children was organized by Charity Fund Hope UA and the Lviv District Council

The Hope UA charity fund joined the gathering of children on a Christmas tour of Germany together with the Lviv District Council within the framework of cooperation with the Alliance for Peace and Unity.

39 children went for a week from December 7-14 on an educational trip through Germany to the city of Saarpfalz, where they had many pleasant experiences. The idea of the trip is to present the children with a Christmas tale and introduce them to European culture.

Thanks to our above-mentioned partners, we can give children a week of Christmas stories. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and nature of Germany. The tour program is: excursions to the Saarland attractions (castles, museums and observation decks), ice skating, walks in the parks, visits to the climbing wall and the swimming pool, as well as creative evenings and tasting goodies at the Christmas market. I am sure that the children will have a fun and informative time! - comments Oksana Kruchynina, co-founder of Charity Fund Hope UA.

In Europe, there is an Alliance for Peace and Unity, which was created from 29 districts. It includes Ukraine, Polish counties, German regions, French provinces and a district from the USA. This alliance became a political union that now has a powerful influence at the level of local self-government.

It is valuable that the alliance has a pro-Ukrainian position. They boldly declare that they see Ukrainians as part of Europe. That is why they provide colossal humanitarian aid to Ukraine and help organize leisure time for our children.

We sincerely want the future Ukrainian generation to feel the spirit of Christmas in Europe. And they had the opportunity to distract themselves from the constant sirens and explosions. After all, children are our future, and many of them have already seen the fury of Russian aggression. Therefore, such a trip is a good opportunity to recharge. - commented by Sulym Andriy, head of the Lviv District Council.

We sent 22 children, they are members of the non-governmental organization Source of Children's Dreams. We actively cooperate with this organization. Most of these children are from large families (6-7 children). We always try to help them, and here was such a great opportunity before the Nicholas Day and the New Year to give children bright emotions. I am sure that such a trip will be remembered by the children for a long time. For many, this is their first trip abroad. We are happy to give such joy to children. We thank our German partners and the leadership of the Lviv District Council for such cooperation and the opportunity for children, because it is actually a holiday for them, - says Maryana Kuzyo, a deputy of the Lviv District Council.

Thus, this trip became a kind of return to the usual childhood of schoolchildren. No military events, blackouts and air alarms for at least a week.

We thank Dr. Teophilus Gallo, the governor of the Saarpfalz district, the Chairman of the German-Polish Saar Association, for the Christmas gift for Ukrainian children.

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