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Hope for Kids

Psychological rehabilitation project for children affected by the war.

Providing support and assistance to children who were under occupation, became victims or witnesses of violence and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by providing qualified psychological support that will help them stabilize their emotional state and recover from the traumatic experience of war.

Our goal is to help realize and transform this experience into a driving force for the development of a peaceful future.

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The work "Mariupol" is the first in the series about the war and the Ukrainian tragedy "War for Independence", it has already been completed and is being presented in various cities of the USA. The author spent about three months on its creation. In his opinion, this series is not intended so much for private collections, as it should go to museums and galleries of various cities around the world.


"Usually in hyperrealism, everything is depicted in extreme detail, but here I wanted to highlight the hands and the face, to show the pain, to show what our people go through, what our people went through. These are souls and the blood shed for Ukraine. Looking at those hands and eyes, people realized that it touched their inner strings. Because eyes and hands are the main things, and it's not just a look, it's tragedy and pain. And a piece of bread is an allusion to the famine that people experienced and are experiencing. Just look, The Holodomor, the heroes of the UPA, the Kruty - we always fought against the russia. But there was never such a full-scale war when rockets are fired at you and you don't know whether you will get home now or not. I connected and reconsidered a lot during my work." , - explains the artist.

About artist

Ihor Stepanovych Hnativ is a Ukrainian artist who works in the style of hyperrealism. Ihor Hnativ was born in 1994 in the city of Zolochiv. He graduated from the Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush (2018). Lviv National Academy of Arts (2020) Lives and works in Lviv.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Igor has been actively supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and those affected by the war.

Ihor Hnativ also conducts training. There are several artist studios in Lviv, to which there is always a queue of people willing to attend classes and master classes. In addition to the important base, the trend of hyperrealism will also be studied here. However, only after acquiring the basic knowledge.

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